How To Cook Snake


If you are a lover of exotic meats then sometimes you might struggle to find recipes on how to cook your exotic meat.

Exotic meats such as Ostrich and Kangaroo are becoming more common now, even appearing in supermarkets such as Iceland. People are beginning to realise the benefits of these meats such as high protein.

Now, Snake is not a common meat even with today’s standards. There are no shops I know of that sells Snake, so I got mine online.

This meat is not cheap but if you want something unusual then this is the meat for you.

I ordered Python fillets to be exact.


So, after searching online for a good recipe for my Python fillets and not finding anything decent, I decided just to pan fry my fillets with some Frylite and a little bit of garlic.

Nothing too fancy, but maybe you could try cooking the fillets with no garlic so you can taste the fillets without any other tastes.

Snake is extremely chewy, even though I enjoy trying new meats, you can’t even enjoy it because of the chewiness.

People say snake tastes like chicken, well it does look like chicken but does not really taste like chicken.

There is a certain reptilian smell to it before you cook and also that after taste, a bit like crocodile.

So, I can honestly say that it is silly saying snake tastes like chicken, it doesn’t , it tastes like snake.